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 The Old Camp

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PostSubject: The Old Camp   Sat Jan 30, 2016 3:54 pm

Welcome to the Colony. You're here for a certain reason: your mommy didn't teach you how to behave...and here you are. Every corner out here hides a beast eager to munch your meat...and men who'll do more than that. However, you, scoundrel, still got a chance to a normal life, if ye like a pickaxe, of course. The boss, Razor, can give ye a good life. Yeah, you can have that, or go and enjoy your life with the cutthroats outside. This is the Old Camp, and we are not like the wild folks. We are organised, so you'll follow some rules.

How's life here, you ask?
It's simple. You dig, you eat. You don't, the responsible will...introduce you to our rehabilitation program. As long as you keep hitting the ore mounds and get us the profit we need, you get a decent pay, with which you get your necessities.
Of course, if you are specifically talented, more than that can come for you. But of that...later.
(Also, it's important that you come to the weekly event, every Sunday evening at 19:30 EET. The event is a caravan escort.)

Important people within the Camp
The Ore Baron- Razor
Razor is the boss, and his wish is command to you. He leads everything and we owe him this life. He's the most important, and most powerful man in the Colony. Incurring his wrath equals death.
Digger Responsible
The Digger Responsible is the man who takes care of the affairs of every digger. He decides who's worthy of more than the pickaxe life, and he punishes those who are lazy or disobey. Better be his friend, otherwise you may incur the wrath of Razor.
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The Old Camp
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