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PostSubject: Arena   Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:34 pm

Hail to you, Guards! I am Thorusus, the Arena Master. If you're a good fighter, are tired to beat weak ass diggers and want to win some ore, this is just the right place for you!

The rules are pretty simple :
1) No ranged weapons or magic are allowed.
2) Don't kill your opponent.
3) Don't rob your opponent.
4) Leaving the arena is considered as submission.
5) Don't attack your opponent if he sumbits.
6) No potions or food allowed.
7) You can only fight 3 fights a day.

For the fights :
To fight against a "non-arena" opponent, you pay from 20 to 100 ore. The winner gets 150% of the ore. (Arena fighters get to pay 10% less)
If you win a 1vs1 fight, you get 20 ore. 2 fights like that in a row, 50 ore. 3 fights 90 ore!
For 1vs2 fights, the pay is 150% ( for instance, first fight is 30 ore instead of 20 )
If you fight a shadow and win, you get only 10 ore.

Titles :
To become an Arena Fighter, you have to win 5 fights and to beat a guy with a higher rank than you (veteran for both guard, veteran and elite)
To become the Champion, you have to win 25 fights, to beat ANY opponent of your ranks (guards, veterans and elites) and beat the actual Champion (if there is one).

Champion :


Arena fighters (require at least 5 wins) :


Known fighters :

Arhu    (Victory/loss : 4/1)

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