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 Praying ceremony - "The Awakening"

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PostSubject: Praying ceremony - "The Awakening"   Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:04 pm

Welcome, children of The Sleeper!

On Sunday and Saturday evenings there is a praying ceremony called "The Awakening", it's time during which we all gather to pray to the one True God, The Almighty One, The Sleeper.

This ceremony is utterly important because it shows our dedication to The Sleeper, and in return, HE blesses us with his power and rewards us for our loyalty.

The ceremony contains 3 stages:

1) Gathering
During which we all prepare before the prayer itself while gathering in the courtyard of The Temple.

2) Praying
When we spend our humble time praying and praising The Almighty One.

3) Blessing
It's time during which you can ask me, The High Guru - Baal Ardan, for a blessing.
After all the blessings are completed, you will be given food rations, weed stalks, and magic scrolls.

Make sure to arrive in time on 20:00 / 8:00 p.m (GMT +02:00)

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Praying ceremony - "The Awakening"
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