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 The Swamp Camp

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PostSubject: The Swamp Camp   Wed Mar 23, 2016 2:27 pm

Welcome, curious one...

I'm The High Guru - Baal Ardan, and I'm glad to receive you here.

If you ended up here, means you have a purpose in life, you're a lost soul seeking revelation.

In the Holy Swamp Camp, unlike in the Old Camp filled with savages, and New Camp filled with cutthroats, you won't get killed, raped, abused, robbed or other things of the sort. We are the Sleeper's Brotherhood, we do not harm our own brethren.
We pray to the One True God, The Sleeper, who in return will award us with freedom, he already has proven his strength to us, and rewarded many of our followers with his magical power.

He talks to us through our dreams and visions, but not many people are blessed with such ability, in the end, only the chosen ones end up being Gurus. Our novices harvest swampweed day and night risking their lives, but Sleeper's power protects them from the harm to come from the numerous dangers of the swamp. Worry not, you are totally safe here if you're a true believer.
The swampweed grants incredible essence of magical power to those who know how to use it properly, it allows some people even to communicate with The Sleeper himself, blessed be his name. The swampweed is also sold to the other camps in return for ore, provisions, and other sorts of supplies.

If you're tired of living among savages and wish to find redemption for yourself then Swamp Camp is the right choice for you.
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The Swamp Camp
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